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NBA 2K10 Release: 6th October North America, 9th October AUS
2K10 Crews are up!
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 [R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]

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PostSubject: [R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]   Thu Jul 23, 2009 3:36 pm


Some Retro Courts

So yeah here's the big release
Of my Seattle Supersoncs Add-on
First Put The Jerseys, Arena And Player Update Files In Your Nba 2k9 Folder
Then Put The Team-Add On file in Application Data 2K SportsNBA 2K9Saves
Then open your game go to load click on the seattle supersonics team and then save your roster
The Sonics will Be As A New Team
Known Bugs sorry I can't Fix Them:
In selection screen there will be a panther logo or something not sonics logo and in other there will be panther logo not sonics logo
just in-game there will be sonics logo
In arena there will be a red line near the paint
Any other bugs are fixed
Now i will leave my thread and go to this thread
that is my teams thread so i post the previews in there so come to that thread 😉

So yeah here's the forgotten download which i forgot to upload
7 Player Tattoo Update
Which Includes:
Gerald Green
Quincy Douby
Mike James
Marvin Williams
Martel Webster
Kendrick Perkins
Royal Ivey

Total 76ers Update

HellBoy, for his Jerseys 😉
Klaidux For The 76yers Court (y)
CB, for dornas Smile
Klaidux updated court, logo where was old, and stadium dornas. Very Happy

Enjoy it! :cheeky:

thanks for the nice comments guys
here's the 4player tattoo update:

3 Tattoo Updates:
and thank you guys for the support Smile

here's the update on Chris Douglas-Roberts Tattoos

And Here's The Release
and thank you guys for the support Smile


Here's my newest update on the sonics patch
When i finish it i'll probably leave this thread and go to our strobe pryde team's topic
Robert Swift
The tattoos are made by flam1ing n1nja11 so credits goes to him

And here's my newest update on my sonics patch
one of the players
Johan Petro
*New face textures
*A bit updated neck texture

I have taken one of flam1ng n1nja11 suggestions use A.Parker headshape as a base
so here's some newest previews
with my V1- Acie Law Headshape As A Base
Version 2- Maded By Myself
Version 3 - Anthony Parker Headshape As A Base

So yeah here's my first try on this years rookies
Gerald Henderson The 12th pick of This years rookie draft
He was drafted by Charlotte Bobcats
there are 2 versions of this made by me
and 1 default from spakys roster
so you need to tell me which version you will pick
Version 1 or Version 2 Of My Gerald Henderson
just click on this link and a photo will show

phi7588 thanks man for the comment really apreciated
Here's my newest 3 works
Earl Watson
Arrow New Face Textures
Arrow New Hair Texture
Arrow A bit updated headshape

Mickeal Gelabale
Arrow New Face Textures
Arrow New Hair Texture
Arrow Added his missed tattoo

Mouhamed Sene
Arrow New Face Textures

And here's my newest previews
of my upcoming sonics patch
Chris Wilcox
Some Features From This CF:
*New face textures
*Realistic beard
*Added tattoos that weren't add in 2k9
*New hair texture

Here's my newest previews of the sonics patch
Damien Wilkins
Some features from the cf:
*New face textures
*Added tattoos that weren't in 2k9
*Some dunk power from his uncle Dominique Wilkins 🆒

i've made some video tutorials for my friends and now i'll be making some more so i will be busy for some of the time.

Thanks for the comment Hellboy
here's my newest preview
Luke Ridnour From Sonics
Some Features:
*New Face Textures
*New Hair Texture
*New Beard

Thank you guys for the comments
Here's My First Cf Of Seattle Supersonics
Nick Collison
Some Features
*New Face Textures
*New Neck Texture
*New Arm Textures
*Made A Lot Of Freckles On Him Because He Has A Lot Of Them
*Gaved Him P.Gasol's Beard To Make The Beard Look Better

And The Face Texture Preview:
If It Has So Problems Say To Me 😉

Here's my newest fixes of the sonics arena
*New Supersonics Wordmark
*New Logo

And Thank You Guys For The Comments Really Apreciated
I will try to make the red line near the paint yellow but i don't know if i could manage that but i'll see what i can do

Thank you guys for the comments really apreciated
here's my newest preview of my Sonics patch
Sonics Arena And A Logo Update
Sorry For A Lot Of Photos

flam1ng n1nja11, thanks man now that's what i call a comment Laughing
Here's the suprise jerseys of seattle supersonics
Give them so love because i gaved them some Laughing
Valentines Day Sonics Edition
It will be the same iff as the home jersey so i prefer to use the original home jersey's but use whatever you want Smile

Okay thank you guys for a lot of comments really apreciated
So here's some new previews of my Upcoming Patch
Sonics Alternate Jersey
I've Already Said That This Jersey Will Be The Same Iff As The Away Jersey because i don't know how to add new jerseys in game i think we can't add them in 2k9
On this jersey Sonics didn't have the long green spot on the shorts so i just made a small one that's what it looked like

Thank you guys for the comments
here's my newest previews
Seattle Supersonics Away Jersey
I Did Find It In My Nba2k9 Folder
So I Updated It And Made It A Lot Better Than The Default
Well I Think About That Smile
But You Guys Decide Smile

and thank you guys for the support this patch will be dedicated to you Smile

So here's the newest previews
i combined my and jarus seattle supersonics jersey
So Credits Goes To Jarus for the textures
I Think It Will Be Better Than My Last Previews
The Numbers Are In IFF Format Smile
I've Made New Alphas And Other Stuff So The Texture Looks Way Better
And I Softened The Texture So There Will Be Less Edges

thanks for the comments guys
here's my newest updates
The Seattle Supersonics Logo And Kevin Durant In Seattles Jersey In This Preview Are Made Using Texmod

This Logo Is Made Using Iff Editor Beta9 Program

This Logo Is Made Using Iff Editor Beta9 Program

The Jersey Is Made Using Iff Editor Beta9 Program
The Numbers And Names On The Jersey's Are Made Using Texmod
Some Photos In Real:

Some Photos In Game:

NBaller_76 and other sonics fans and not sonics fans Very Happy
here's my first preview of the upcoming seattle supersonics patch
i can't do anything with the jerseys
because i it was very hard to make these
later i will show some preview with moded numbers and names with textmod
Sorry For A Lot Of Pictures
Home Jersey

And Some Pics Of The Arena
I've used the Klaidux's And Macgyver's666 Bucks As A Base
so you can see some screens with bucks stuff
Some Features In The Arena:
*Realistic Wood Texture By Me+I've Used The Alpha On The Wood Texture

[center]NBaller_76 yes i could try this awesome project because it will be an honour to make a classic team of supersonics Smile
and next i will try to post some previews of the sonics project okay?
but here's my newest preview

thank you for the nice comments and a lot of downloads

here's my newest works
Martell Webster

Kendrick Perkins

waiting for you comments guys Smile

Here's My Newest Work's
Channing Frye
I've Haven't Found A Cf For Him So if someone wants to make him pm me Smile
For some of the textures credits goes to dreadd41 Smile

Renaldo Balkman
The Cf Is Made By MIR so credits goes to him Smile

[b]these tattoos where not made for 2 players so i've made them:
I've Haven't found cf's for them so if someone wants to make a cf for them say to me

Luther Head

And i've made one player that had tattoos but they weren't accurate
Chris Douglas Roberts
I've Haven't found a cf for him so if someone wants to make a cf of him say to me Smile

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Killer Crossover aka OG
Killer Crossover aka OG

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PostSubject: Re: [R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]   Mon Jul 27, 2009 6:13 pm

Great Stuffs cheers
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PostSubject: Re: [R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]   Wed Aug 05, 2009 10:56 pm

R4zor man been waiting for a while for a nice sonics court !!! thanks a lot man Smile your retro courts are dope ! hope u can do more Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]   Mon Sep 07, 2009 5:42 pm

hey razor! i love your work, i was wondering, i saw your Dennis "The Worm" Rodman on the NBA Live forums with the tattoo and the face patch, but i never saw a download link! do you think maybe you can direct me to it? or repost it?

Many Thanks Smile
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PostSubject: Re: [R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]   Sun Sep 13, 2009 7:56 am

nice update douglas-roberts just a suggestion i think make it a more darkened because it's greenish
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PostSubject: Re: [R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]   

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[R4zoR's Patches And Fixes]
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