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NBA 2K10 Release: 6th October North America, 9th October AUS
2K10 Crews are up!
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 Tools and Editors

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PostSubject: Tools and Editors   Mon Nov 02, 2009 5:06 am

Today Vl@d over at Nlcs released his Roster editor and thought we could use it here...enyoy thanks to Vl@d....

REDitor v.

Author: Vl@d Zola Jr.
Special thanks: Jaosming

This is the tool, which will help U to edit Roster-files of the brand new NBA 2K10 game!

Important Note: If you wish to open roster, based on official, which was released before 22 of October (or if U just have "Access violation error" ))) - create file named "Config.txt" in the same folder with .exe file and put down "1261" inside this file.
To open new rosters - delete this file or put "1262" inside, unless U won't be able to see the last player on the roster.

How to use this?

1. To Open/Save file use File -> Open.../Save in Main Menu.
2. The main window consists of two Tabs - Players and Bank Of Names.
3. On the Players Tab U can see a sheet of Players and also two Panels on the top and on the bottom of the Screen.

Editing Players:
1. U can edit players easily by inserting new values into tabsheet.
2. U can also easily copy the cells. To copy some cells to the clipboard - select them and press Ctrl + C. To insert cells - select a single cell and press Ctrl + V. U can also copy cells from/to Excel and other applications. Very Happy
Remember: non-visible cells will also be chosen.
3. There are some ways, how U can select a bunch of cells (actually, a bit awkward here ))) ):
1. Left-click on the cell - beginning of the selection. Then Shift + Left-click on the other cell - end of the celection. You can select single Rows and Columns, and also a Rectangle of cells.
2. Hold left mouse button and move the mouse across the tabsheet.
3. Hold Shift and use the arrows on the keyboard.
4. To select a single Column - click on its Name (top row).
5. To select a single player (row) - click on his ID (second column).
6. To select everything, except the fixed cells, press Ctrl + A.
4. U can link to the Player's Name in Bank Of Names by left-clicking on the name on Players Screen. Remember - U can edit names only there.
5. As all the columns have short names, U can stretch them to see the whole name of them - this is just a small tip for U. But they all are grouped. At first there go Names and Bio, and after that columns named like Xyyyyyyy, where X = "S" for Skills, "T" - for Tendencies, "H" - for HotSpots, "A" - for Animation (Signature), "C" - for Contract, "G" - for Gear (Accessories).
6. LNameID and FNameID - are the links to the strings in Bank Of Names.
7. Portr/CF ID = XXX from pngXXX.iff. So, it's a link to the texture-file.
8. Height is given in centimeters, Weight - in pounds.
9. Pos, 2ndPos: 0 = PG, 1 = SG, 2 = SF, 3 = PF, 4 = C, 5 = N/A (use it only for 2ndPos!)
10. Hand: 0 - Left, 1 - Right.
11. MinsAsg: Minutes, assigned to the player.
12. Skills vary from 25 to 99 with step 0.3 (!)
13. Tendencies vary from 0 to 100.
!!Make sure!!: some tendencies have to be 100 in summary (or else the game may crash)!!! So be careful, while editing them, as they are not grouped in Editor.
14. HotSpots also vary from 0 to 100. They are grouped like Hxxxyyyyyy. Parameters of each group have to be 100 in summary!
15. Animations include two subgroups:
1. ALayUp, ADunk - LayUp and Dunk packages. The list of values is given below.
2. Others - are 4-bytes represented in HEX, due to these are some kind of pointers to the animation files. They look a bit clumsy, still, if U copy the values from one player to another - they will have equal animations.
16. Contract: Clear Years - are Clear years of contract Laughing ; Option: 0 = No, 1 = Team, 2 = Player; 3 = 2Yr Team. Set NoTrade to 1 to have NoTrade Clause for this player. All this is followed by player's salary for each year.
17. Gear: Headband: 0 - Team-Colored; 1 - No. This followed by the list of different Accessories. If someone wants to, he can make a list of the values. I can say, that the value represents the number of it in in-game Editor. 0 always stands for "No".
18. Shoes: They are also marked as Gear. Brand: 0 - Generic, 1 -Nike, 2 - adidas, 3 - Jordan, 4 - Converse, 5 - Reebok. U can also make a list of models, I will only appreciate that.
Set GShsUCusC to turn on custom colors for the shoes. This parameter is followed by 6 columns, which represent shoes' colors in HEX RGB-format (like here, on forums).
19. So, as there are so many editable parameters (more, than 200), I made a little feature for U - ability to show/hide Groups of parameters, like Bio, Skills, Tendencies, etc. It is called Group FIlter. The panel also can be minimized, if U wish to have more space for editing itself.
20. On the bottom there is a Search Panel. It works like this: U can search 1 or 2-column matches. Column order doesn't matter here. If U choose to search the empty column in list of columns (presented in ComboBox) or enter an empty string to look for, the search will ignore this. To search use hot key: F3

Editing Bank Of Names:
1. Bank Of Names represents all the strings, which are stored in Roster-file.
2. You can edit all the values here, but this is restricted a bit for now.
3. You can not enter strings, which are longer, than the number in the third column.
4. If you enter shorter string and save the file, than open it again, there will appear some empty strings... So, I don't recommend you to do this now.
5. Unforunately, this was discovered just after the release Sad But will be fixed next week - I'll add an ability to reallocate lengths...
6. Undoced abilities: if you take a look on the bottom of this screen, you will see values, which stand for stadiums, uniforms, logos, etc. Not everything is clear about this yet, but you are able to edit them. Smile and enjoy. Thx to Jaosming.

List of Packages:
0 - Rookie Guard (uneditable in in-game editor)
1 - Rookie Guard (editable)
2 - Rookie Bigman
3 - Pro Guard
4 - All-Star Guard
5 - K. Bryant
6 - J. Crawford
7 - M. Ginobili
8 - J. Erwing
9 - S. Nash
10 - T. Parker
11 - C. Paul
12 - R. Rondo
13 - D. Wade

0 - None
1 - Rimgrazer
2 - Basic Bigman
3 - Athletic Bigman
4 - Athletic Guard
5 - Air
6 - C. Anthony
7 - K. Bryant
8 - V. Carter
9 - T. Duncan
10 - K. Garnett
11 - D. Howard
12 - A. Iguodala
13 - L. James
14 - N. Robinson
15 - J. Smith
16 - Nene
17 - S. O'Neal
18 - A. Stoudemire
19 - D. Wade
20 - "Flight" White
21 - M. Yao
22 - J. Richardson

Anyway, the tool was carefully tested, but still it might be not bug-free. So, be careful and always back-up your files.

I'm looking for help. And I don't want to allow the situation, when many roster editors would exist... So, if U found out somehing interesting about the roster - PM me, and I'll add you to credits. The more you help me, the more I'll provide you with the information. And, finally, together we will make a great editor.

And, the last thing... money. The program is absolutely free. But I spent about 40-50 hours, creating it. Also much electricity and many sheets of paper (the photo will follow Laughing ) were spent. And I'm not that rich... That is why, I hope, you will use the great opportunity, which is given to you Smile , and support me with 1-2 dollars (accounts are inside the program - see Help).

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Tools and Editors
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