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NBA 2K10 Release: 6th October North America, 9th October AUS
2K10 Crews are up!
Sim League still has 17 teams free! Salaries are up, Trade block is available for other teams to get a feeling of what you want, Free Agency Available from 10am GMT+10
New Salary Cap is $65,000,000 and Hard Cap is $95,000,000 MLE Set at $3,000,000
Trading is open for the SIM

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 My Player mode CyberFace

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PostSubject: My Player mode CyberFace   Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:06 pm

Hi all,

I was wondering is there a way to edit the cyberface of the player from "My Player" mode, or assign particular .iff file to it, for example of other player, or some other edited .iff file. The custom face editor from the game is ok, but "that's not it".

Also, is there maybe a way to save roster file in My Player mode, so then I might be able to use Vl@d editor and there assign .iff to My Player.

One more thing, where can I find player logo of My Player, I tried portraits.cdf/.iff but no luck.

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My Player mode CyberFace
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